Les Cheneaux Community Foundation

There are many ways you can work with the Community Foundation:

•You may enjoy being a philanthropist during your lifetime by making gifts of cash, appreciated stock or real estate and receiving significant tax deduction. Because the Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, all gifts have special tax benefits.

•You may create a charitable legacy and reduce your estate taxes by making a provision for the Community Foundation in your will or estate plan.

•It is also possible to name the Foundation as the beneficiary of a corporate giving program, life insurance policy, or qualified retirement plan, which can reduce both income and estate taxes that your beneficiaries would otherwise pay.

•The Community Foundation can also provide giving opportunities to owners of private foundations.

•You may designate the Foundation to receive the assets of an existing private foundation or trust, providing exit options from those arrangements, and reducing your tax and administrative costs.

Printable ASK Contribution Form.pdfWays to Give

Outright Gift

Cash or publicly traded securities, trust/pledges, appreciated stock. All qualify for maximum state and federal tax benefit.

Other Forms of Gifts

Under certain circumstances: closely held stock, real estate, tangible personal property, life insurance policies, partnership interests, annuities, and 401(k) proceeds.


A gift or portion of an estate which may greatly reduce federal and estate taxes.

Gift Annuity

Cash or property transfer for immediate tax benefits, and fixed payments for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Cash or Property placed in trust which pays an annual income for life. After death, the remainder trust transfers to the foundation and is placed in a charitable fund you select. Tax benefits occur the year the trust is established.

Charitable Lead Trust

Cash or property placed in a trust that pays a fixed amount to the foundation for the number of years selected. Afterwards, assets held by the trust are transfered to named beneficiaries. May substantially reduce federal gift and estate taxes.