Les Cheneaux Community Foundation
Unified Ask Contribution Form

Name: ____________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________
                                       Street Address 
                                     City, State, Zip

I would like my donation applied to the following fund(s):

Les Cheneaux Community Foundation          $ _____    
Les Cheneaux Ambulance Auxiliary               $_____
Les Cheneaux Arts Council                             $_____
 Les Cheneaux Culinary School                      $_____
Great Lakes Boat Building School                  $_____
Les Cheneaux Education Foundation              $_____             
Clark Township Snows Heritage Park             $_____       
Les Cheneaux Community Library                  $_____           
Les Cheneaux Watershed Council                  $ _____ 

Please mail your check along with this form to:
Les Cheneaux Community Foundation
P.O. Box 249
Cedarville, Michigan 49719
Thank you for your generosity!
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Les Cheneaux Community Foundation